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UK Visa applicants in Bengaluru, what to do if your UK visa is refused?
Having a UK visa application rejected can be disappointing & demoralising. Also, it can be a bit overwhelming to decide what to do next. But do not worry! Our experienced UK Visa Refusal Appeal or Reapply consultant in Bengaluru (previously Bangalore) can advise and assist with understanding your options and dealing with the next steps.

We’ll explain in this blog how our professional team can help you appeal a rejection or submit a more appealing application.

Understanding UK visa Refusals

The first step is to review the Notice of refusal and understand the reason for UK visa rejection. UK visa applicants in Bengaluru (previously Bangalore) can have their UK visas refused for various reasons including incorrectly understanding UK visa requirements, providing incomplete documents for UK visa application, selecting the wrong UK visa option, paying the incorrect UK visa fee and many more. All these reasons increase the likelihood of UK visa refusals.

Options after UK visa refusal

Your options after UK visa refusal for the applicants in Bengaluru (previously Bangalore)
We offer a comprehensive guide to the various options available to address your UK visa refusal. These include:

Administrative Review

Administrative Review is to consider whether an ‘eligible decision’ is wrong because of a case working error, and, if it is, then correct that error.
Administrative Review is only available where an eligible decision has been made. When an application is refused, the Notice of Refusal will advise the applicant of the rights available to them.

Our expert in UK visa refusal administrative review application in Bengaluru will explain what an Administrative Review entails and guide you through the process if it’s the right option for your specific situation.

Appeal to First Tier Tribunal

Explore the process of appealing to the First Tier Tribunal and how our experienced UK Visa Refusal Appeal or Reapply consultant in Bengaluru can support you in this legal procedure.

As this is the first step in the appeal process; the grounds of appeal are filed before the First Tier Tribunal countering the reasons for refusals and providing rebuttals to the same. Drafting the grounds of appeal for UK visa refusal in an organized way can help UK visa applicants get a favorable application outcome.

Filing Pre Action Protocol (PAP) for Judicial Review

Understand what a Judicial Review means, when it’s necessary, and how we can assist you through this complex process.

The Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) is responsible for the Judicial Review of certain decisions made by the Secretary of State for the Home Department, entry clearance officers, and others, under immigration legislation.

UK visa refusal applicants in Bengaluru can consider filing Pre Action Protocol (PAP) for a judicial review with the UKVI.
Where the Home Office (UKVI) has refused an application for entry clearance or leave to remain and has not granted a right of Appeal against the Refusal of the application, such a refusal can be challenged by way of Judicial Review (JR) within 90 days from the date of the refusal letter.

Reapply UK visa

The applicant may submit a new UK visa application that addresses the reasons for UK visa rejection, along with new supporting documentation and the correct UK visa fees. There is no specific time frame for making a new UK visa application. Sometimes, reapplying for a UK visa may be the preferred option.
The SmartMove2UK visa experts can help with reapplication of the UK visa, effectively addressing all the concerns of the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI).

Tailored Solutions for your Refused UK Visa Application

We understand that every visa refusal case is unique. Our UK visa Refusal Appeal or Reapply consultant in Bengaluru (previously Bangalore) emphasizes the importance of a customized approach, tailoring solutions to your specific situation.

The SmartMove2UK is a well-established and reputable consultancy firm in Bengaluru, specializing in UK visa appeals and reapplications. With our in-depth knowledge of UK immigration law, we are fully equipped to assist you in overcoming refusals and ensuring a stronger reapplication.

We provide comprehensive case analysis, document preparation, and step-by-step guidance to ensure your application is accurately structured to meet UKVI’s requirements.

Testimonials for the UK visa’s from our client in Bengaluru

We proudly share testimonials from satisfied clients who have successfully appealed their visa refusals or reapplications, giving you an insight into our proven track record.

Recently got my 2-year UK visit visa.
I have been connected to The SmartMove2UK for more than 5 years and have applied for a UK visa multiple times for me and my family and friends, and every time we have received our UK visa.
They have a very good and professional approach, from UK immigration consulting to submitting forms and presenting your UK visa application to the home office.
Highly recommended. Every penny is justified.

Mr. Sai Kumar wrote a review on behalf of his Mom, UK Standard Visitor Visa Refusal, Bengaluru. India

Hi guys thank you for being the reason we smile I really appreciate your hard work I would rather say your Smart work and the efforts and time you have spent on our case.
I must really quote that the team member were very helpful to us and they are loaded with information anything I ask them at any time they were always ready to handhold me they were very polite and extremely professional. I would really recommend your services to my friends and family. We will surely keep in touch. Thank you!!!!

Ms. Rohini Selvam, Spouse Visa UK, Bangalore. India

Hi Falguni,
It was such a delight receiving the new of our visa been granted. I must show my heartfelt gratitude and especially to you for your wonderful contribution. You put hard work to make this process simpler. We were very nervous at first, let alone dealing with all paper work for UK visa process. You and your team took all the pain and made it positive. The team was friendly while taking on the phone and provided detailed email responses and were very patient dealing with queries.
My family and I cannot describe how happy we are received our visas and will always remember this. We are eternally grateful and appreciate you.

Mr. Jeremy R, Judicial Review – Tier 2 Dependent

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Don’t let a visa refusal stand in the way of your dreams.

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