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In light of the Recent Supreme Court Verdict

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Same Sex Marriage: United Kingdom vs India


In a recent Supreme Court verdict, India fell short of legalizing same sex marriages, leaving the LGBTQ+ community disappointed. The ruling instead called for the establishment of a committee to examine the rights of queer couples. While this may have disappointed a lot of Indians, all hope is not lost. We deal with clients from the LGBTQ+ community on a daily basis and recognize the importance of being legally married and advocating for equal rights in India. Their experience underscores the complexities of same sex marriage laws in India and the need for legal recognition. However, there are a lot of nations that not only recognise these relationships, but also have elaborate laws in place to govern the rights of the partners.

UK’s legal system recognises same sex and queer relationships and provides for pathways to legalise applicants’ relationships. This is a crucial step as it serves as a legal sanction and entitles the parties to have spousal and family rights.

While the verdict disappointed many, it is essential to recognize the ongoing progress for LGBTQ+ rights in India. The complex and often convoluted legal landscape regarding same sex marriage continues to present hurdles. Many LGBTQ+ couples still face legal and societal challenges in their pursuit of marriage and equal rights. The absence of legal recognition and social stigmas also impact the availability of documentation that it is mandatory for these couples for the purpose of immigration, in proving that their relationship is genuine and subsisting.

However, The SmartMove2UK has successfully managed to gather the necessary documents and helped couples from the LGBTQ+ community to be legally recognised as partners.

Same Sex Partner Applications in the UK

In recent years, the United Kingdom has emerged as a beacon of hope for same sex couples worldwide, offering legal recognition and rights to those in same sex relationships. This has resulted in a growing number of couples seeking to formalize their unions in the UK, especially when their home countries, like India, do not yet recognize same sex marriages.

Same Sex Partner Applications

At The SmartMove2UK, we frequently deal with same sex partners and civil partnership applications. We understand the unique challenges these couples face and are committed to providing them with guidance and support throughout the immigration process. Our goal is to help these couples navigate the legal requirements and paperwork necessary for their UK same sex marriage.

To be eligible for a same sex partner visa, you need to satisfy specific criteria outlined in Appendix FM of the immigration rules. Firstly, you must either be married, in a civil partnership, or have cohabited in a genuine relationship with a British Citizen or a person with a settled status (Sponsor), for a minimum of two years. It is crucial that your relationship is genuine and subsisting. Additionally, you should meet the financial requirements as detailed in Appendix FM. Lastly, you are required to fulfil the English language requirements at the CEFR level A1 as mandated. These conditions ensure that applicants seeking same sex partner visas meet the necessary legal standards for entry and residence in the UK.

For many same sex couples from countries that do not legally recognize their relationships, applying for a UK visa or a civil partnership can be a complex endeavour. At The SmartMove2UK, we specialize in helping these couples meet the stringent criteria for UK visas, such as proving that they have lived together for a specific period and providing extensive documentation to demonstrate the genuineness of their relationship.

Hope for a Better Future

Despite the recent Supreme Court ruling in India, we remain optimistic about the future of same sex marriages. The growing visibility and discourse surrounding LGBTQ+ rights in India are promising signs. While the road ahead may be challenging, there is undeniable momentum for change. The fight for equal rights and recognition continues, and we are hopeful that, in time, the legal complexities surrounding same sex marriages in India will become simpler.

Get Professional Advice from UK Same Sex Partner Visa Consultant

At The SmartMove2UK, we are dedicated to supporting couples in their quest for legal recognition and equal rights. We look forward to a more inclusive and straightforward legal framework for same sex marriages not only in the UK but around the world. Love is love, and we stand with the LGBTQ+ community in their pursuit of equal rights.

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