Preliminary Conference Orders in Nassau County will
now be automatically generated with discovery deadlines as per statutory and/or
court rules.  Parties shall confer and
complete the Deposition Schedule Rider which is available on the Nassau County Supreme
Court website. Depositions must be scheduled and conducted on a mutually
convenient date, time and location within 120 days of the scheduled Preliminary
Conference date. Counsel / Party must upload the Deposition Schedule Rider to
NYSCEF within 14 days of this Court Notice under document type “Deposition
Schedule Rider”.  

All counsel must upload a signed copy of the “Attorney
Good Faith ADR Certificate” (available on Nassau County Supreme Court website) to
NYSCEF under document type “Affirmation” with comment “ADR Certification” at
least one day prior to the scheduled preliminary conference date.  Self-represented parties need not submit the

The link to the Nassau County Supreme Court website

The automatically generated Preliminary Conference
Order will have assigned Compliance / Certification and Settlement Conference
dates.  Once signed by the assigned justice
the part clerk will upload the Preliminary Conference Order to NYSCEF.


It is the responsibility of the filing party requesting the Preliminary
Conference to make all parties aware of the above Preliminary Conference
procedure including the Deposition Schedule Rider.


*Any questions on the procedure may be directed to the
DCM Department at (516) 493-3100 or email the PC Department at


NOTE FROM JMP: The preliminary conference procedure for all
matrimonial actions in Nassau County is unchanged.