Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 15-28-57 About SCOTUS Ladies

Although the Dissed! podcast is no more, our colleagues Elizabeth Slattery (PLF) and Anastasia Boden (Cato) have thankfully redirected their efforts to the written form, a new law blog (how retro!).

As the title (“SCOTUS Ladies“) hints, their blog focuses on the doings of a certain court in Washington, DC. Here’s how they describe the project:

The SCOTUS Ladies are Elizabeth Slattery and Anastasia Boden. You may know us from our legal commentary, social media exploits, public speaking, or our former podcast about Supreme Court dissents, Dissed.

We’re two liberty loving Supreme Court superfans with experience in the liberty legal movement, ranging from the Heritage Foundation to the Cato Institute—and a few places in between. We believe legal commentary doesn’t have to be dull on the one hand or polemical on the other. And it should never be dense. We started this website so any liberty-curious person with an interest in the Court can keep up with what’s happening at 1 First Street NE, read about some of the important cases being litigated by friends and allies, and have fun while doing it.

Each week, we’ll preview what’s coming up at the Supreme Court, flag cert petitions of note, and recap what happened inside the marble palace.

We’ll also invite others in the liberty legal movement to join us as contributors. ​ We live, breathe, and sleep the Supreme Court, so we hope you enjoy this website as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it!

Check it out and be a regular reader.