The FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau and Office of Economics and Analytics have announced revised 2024 reasonable comparability benchmarks for fixed broadband services of eligible telecommunications carriers.  The Bureau and Office noticed that there was an error in the previous calculation and have posted the revised broadband rates here.

Each ETC must certify that it is meeting the relevant reasonable comparability benchmarks for fixed voice and broadband services provided during 2024 in FCC Form 481, to be filed no later than July 1, 2025.  Typically, ETCs are required to meet the relevant benchmark by January 1 of each year.  But due to this revision, the Bureau and Office have waived the requirement for 2024 and permitted ETCs until February 1, 2024 to meet the 2024 benchmarks.  The FCC noted that this will allow ETCs sufficient time to notify customers of any rate changes.