Your deal team needs to focus on one thing: closing deals. However, the average professional spends 10% of their time — or four hours per week — on manual data entry.  

In the world of investment banking, this includes entering data for conflicts checks. At many banks, initiating the conflicts clearance process requires deal team members to manually enter the same information in multiple locations — including their firm’s CRM and conflicts-checking systems.  

This might seem like a mere inconvenience until you consider that it can take 15–30 minutes* to enter the required information into each system. It’s a highly inefficient process that takes valuable time away from revenue-generating activities. It also slows down new business approvals. 

Integrating your CRM and conflicts-checking system helps solve this problem.  

A new integration that connects Intapp Conflicts conflicts-checking software with the Intapp DealCloud deal and relationship management platform greatly simplifies what is often a complex, time-consuming process.  

We spoke with Amanda Tooker, Practice Group Leader, Risk, at Intapp to find out how. 

How does the new integration between Intapp Conflicts and Intapp DealCloud improve investment bank deal team productivity? 

Amanda Tooker (AT):  With the new integration, investment banking deal teams no longer have to spend time manually inputting data into both systems when they want to initiate a conflicts check. All they need to do is enter the required information on an engagement record within DealCloud, then click a button.

After the information is submitted, a conflicts request is automatically generated and sent to Intapp Conflicts so the conflicts team can begin the review process.  

When a decision is reached, Intapp Conflicts pushes it to DealCloud, where it appears on the engagement record. Deal team members are also notified about the decision via email. 

This streamlined process frees up deal team members to spend more time winning business and executing deals, and less time on tedious administrative work.

How does the integration accelerate new business approvals? 

AT: It’s not easy for deal team members to find up to an hour of time in their busy schedules to enter all the required information for a conflicts check in two separate systems. As a result, the clearance process is often delayed.  

Sometimes, instead of entering the information directly into the conflicts-checking system, deal team members will email it to the conflicts team so they can enter it into the system for them. This creates even longer delays by adding more steps to the clearance process. 

The new integration between Intapp Conflicts and DealCloud helps address these issues by eliminating 50% of the work needed to initiate a conflicts check. Clearance requests are submitted faster as a result, which expedites the entire approval process. 

Are there any other benefits of the integration? 

AT: Yes — it improves data integrity by automating data flow between the two systems. Since data is entered just once by the deal team, there’s a lower risk of errors. There’s also no risk of inconsistencies, which allows deal and conflicts teams to reference a single source of truth.  

And with the deal team solely responsible for data entry, the conflicts team no longer has to spend time addressing ad hoc email requests to enter information into Intapp Conflicts.

What’s the integration process like?

AT: Integrating Intapp Conflicts and DealCloud is a fast and easy process. A wizard is used to connect the two systems and transfer information between them. Because it’s a native integration, clients require minimal help from the Intapp Services team.    

Does Intapp Conflicts integrate with Intapp products other than DealCloud? 

AT:  Yes, it integrates with many other Intapp products including Intapp Employee Compliance. The Intapp Employee Compliance integration allows conflicts teams to search deal teams’ outside business interests for potential issues without leaving Intapp Conflicts. 

Intapp Conflicts can also integrate with other employee compliance solutions as well as all additional internal data sources including databases, lending software systems, and trading position platforms.  

This saves conflicts teams time by eliminating the need to toggle between different systems. They can review search results from one centralized location as well as access a complete system of record with searchable audit trails. 

To learn more about Intapp Conflicts, Intapp DealCloud, or the integration, contact Amanda Tooker or your Intapp account representative. 

*Statistic based on proprietary Intapp data.