Anthropic. There is a new player in the AI sphere; and, it is already crowding Chat GPT at the head of the line. I have just signed up for the free version, and my initial reaction is positive. It is clearly better at human conversation. Whether it has the depth and analysis capabilities of Chat GPT is a decision I won’t be able to make until I play with it more. But, suffice it to say, the AI field is advancing so fast that even geeks like me are having a hard time keeping up. Still, the best advice is to spend as much time as you can afford playing with all of them, and choosing the one with which you are most comfortable. Then, after they do the heavy lifting, check their accuracy for your use case, and apply some old fashioned human input to make it your own. As lawyers, we have a duty to trust, but verify, everything we put out into the world. Now go generate some AI.