On June 27, 2024, the North Carolina Business Court announced several changes to the Court’s composition.

Chief Business Court Judge Louis A. Bledsoe, III announced his retirement effective January 1, 2025. Judge Bledsoe has served as a Business Court judge since 2014, and as Chief Judge since 2018.

Judge Michael L. Robinson was appointed Judge Bledsoe’s successor by Chief Justice Paul Newby and will assume his role as Chief Business Court Judge effective January 1, 2025.

Currently, the North Carolina Business Court has five judges: Chief Judge Bledsoe and Judge Adam M. Conrad, with chambers in Charlotte; Judge Robinson, with chambers in Winston-Salem; Judge Mark A. Davis, with chambers in Raleigh; and Judge Julianna Theall Earp, with chambers in Greensboro.

The Business Court is unlikely to go down to four judges in the wake of Chief Judge Bledsoe’s retirement, as the General Assembly confirmed Charlotte attorney A. Todd Brown to a Special Superior Court judgeship. Chief Justice Newby has announced his intent to designate Brown as a Business Court Judge once he assumes office.

On his retirement, Chief Judge Bledsoe provided the following statement,

“It has been a tremendous honor and privilege to serve as a judge on the North Carolina Business Court for the past ten years and as the Court’s Chief Judge for the past six.  With Todd Brown’s confirmation to the Court and Judge Mike Robinson’s willingness to serve as the Court’s next Chief Judge, I feel like the Court is as strong as it has ever been and that the time is right for me to retire.  I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity.”

Chief Judge Bledsoe’s contributions to the Court are countless, and the It’s Just Business blog contributors wish Judge Bledsoe a fulfilling and happy retirement.