The LexBlog Strategy Consultation—both a key first step with any new blog and a call available to existing LexBlog clients—is set up to ensure the success of your publication, by evaluating the goals you have set for the blog and discussing how to best reach them. 

What’s discussed on this call will serve as a foundation for the weeks, months and years ahead. 

Who should be on the Strategy Consultation call? 

This call is for the lawyer or lawyers writing the blog and they should be present. If a lawyer plans to contribute heavily, this call is for them. Other involved professionals are more than welcome – and encouraged to participate – but the call is tailored to the lawyers themselves. 

On the LexBlog side, the call will be conducted by LexBlog Founder & CEO Kevin O’Keefe. After serving as a trial lawyer for more than 17 years, he’s widely seen as bringing blogging to the legal profession—and has been empowering and inspiring legal bloggers since 2004. 

What’s covered? 

This call will review your Strategy Questionnaire and discuss best practices for networking through the internet. That includes:

  • The goals for the blog and how to achieve them, whether that’s enhancing reputation, bringing in work, building awareness or all of the above. 
  • The blog’s focus and why it’s important to cover a niche, with insight on the risks and opportunities in your desired subject area, and how to best cover it.
  • Your team’s experience and passion for blogging, discussing how possible past thought leadership can translate to this medium. 
  • The blog’s branding, including setting a title. 
  • Networking through the internet, how that brings in work, how this is much more than “content marketing” and how your lawyers can use social media to take these efforts beyond the blog. 

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Firms that have used these consultations to better their blogging include:

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