The Hague Service Convention: How– not What. He’s grumpy. But he calls the shots. Not some smart-mouthed fellow from out of town. It’s pretty routine that a client (always someone from a law firm– lawyer, paralegal, or assistant) asks “okay, Aaron, what documents do you need to serve these guys?” My response is always, “you tell me.” They ask a completely reasonable question, but it’s based on unfamiliarity with the Hague Service Convention more than anything.  View Full Post
Removal and the Timing of Hague Service Convention Requests, Real World A hoverboard, of the type at issue in the case (this one is actually a counterfeit, seized by CBP agents in 2015).  Exploding batteries cause injuries & fires– see here– leading to myriad types of lawsuits.  (U.S. Government photo.) Bloggers follow other bloggers, especially in the world of law, and one guy I follow religiously is Ted Folkman and his excellent Letters BlogatoryView Full Post
DIY it in-house, or outsource it? (Public Domain, courtesy Jayess, via Wikimedia Commons.) My family is populated on both sides by blue-collar workers and farmers, going way back to the Old Country (ie: various parts of northern Europe).  Part of the ethos I gained from all four of my grandparents is “fix the damned thing yourself.” Put another way, if that doo-hickey is so complicated that you need to hire somebody to fix it for you, you don’t need it that badly.  View Full Post