China is Booming: Go There for Growth Well yeah. I mean this title does sound pretty obvious doesn’t it? But this was definitely not always the case. Way back in early  2006, I can remember tentatively writing a post with the same title as this one — China is Booming: Go There for Growth and getting emails and calls from people saying that China would never be more than a low cost manufacturing center and from reporters all but demanding what information I had to support my bold claim. View Full Post
3 Books to Read Before Your First China Trip Every so often, one of our China lawyers will get an email from a blog reader asking for a recommendation of THE book to read to “better understand China” or “to get a better handle on China.” These requests often come 2-3 weeks before the person is heading off to China for the first time and they oftentimes mention wanting something that will give them a quick overview. View Full Post
Selling Wine Online to China More than a decade ago, our China lawyers compiled a long report on the legal issues related to selling wine to China. Our overall conclusion, which remains true today, is that exporting and selling wine to China is uncomplicated from a legal perspective — so uncomplicated that in some ways it is easier than selling wine domestically (at least in the United States). View Full Post
China is Difficult and Expensive (Especially for Small Companies) and if You Think you Have a Workaround, Stop. Just Stop. China does not care about your company doing business in China. I repeat. China does not care about your company doing business in China. If you think China is going to cut your company some sort of break because it will be employing five or ten or even fifty people, you are wrong. View Full Post