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Donald Cohen is the director of the Cry Wolf Project (, a nonprofit research network that identifies and exposes misleading rhetoric about the economy, regulation and government. He is also the Chair of In the Public Interest (, a national resource center on privatization and responsible contracting. He is the former co-founder and president of the Center on Policy Initiatives, a San Diego-based research and policy center. He is a founding board member of the Partnership for Working Families, a national federation of metropolitan-based research, policy and action centers. He is on the board of Green For All, the Ballot Initiatives Strategy Center and the Labor Project for Working Families.

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An effort to get American children to eat more fruits and vegetables should, even in hyper-polarized Washington, be a no-brainer.  Congress recently declared pizza sauce to be a vegetable in school lunches. Now, major food manufacturers are escalating their attacks against healthy food calling proposed food marketing guidelines “job killers” that will devastate the American economy. Earlier this year, the Federal Trade Commission, along with three other Federal agencies (FDA, CDC and USDA),  released a…