A federal court in California agreed to remove the two songwriters of the Disney animated film Frozen from a copyright infringement lawsuit, for now. The lawsuit claims that the hit song “Let It Go” was copied from a Chilean song called “Volar,” and that the two songs are so strikingly similar that Disney could not claim its song was independently created. View Full Post
ERISA section 1054(g)(1), provides in relevant part: “The accrued benefit of a participant under a plan may not be decreased by an amendment of the plan ….” The anti-cutback rule is a “crucial” aspect of ERISA’s protection of pension benefits. In light of the importance of the anti-cutback rule and in order to avoid work-arounds that curtail accrued benefits by means other than formal plan amendments, courts have deemed actions to be violative of the anti-cutback rule even when there had not been a formal amendment of a pension plan. View Full Post