Three Tips for Better Time Management Many of us probably assume that we could do better job of managing our time if we only had the time to figure out how to put time-management strategies to work for us. Now Lolly Dascal, president and CEO of Lead from Within and a contributor to, has come to the rescue, distilling her insights into a (brief) article entitled, “These 3 Words Will Make You a Time Management Expert.” I won’t steal Dascal’s thunder by telling you what the three words are – you can check them out for yourself by clicking on the link – but I will happily endorse them, along with her reminder that “the only things fully in our control are ourselves and our time.” What strategies do you use to manage your time as effectively as possible? View Full Post
“Legal Tech as a Service” (LTaaS): When? Now. Artificial Lawyer reports that the global law firm Allen & Overy, always on the forefront of law-related technology, has just released three new “legal and RegTech” apps through its growing online subscription service, aosphere. The new apps, created using the Neota Logic platform, offer tools to clients with cross-border legal issues in three specific areas: Marketing Unregistered Funds into Europe; G20 Equivalence; and Initial Thresholds. View Full Post
Change Can Be Easier than We Think In my years as a managing partner, I believed that the most difficult challenge of a leader in a law firm was to inculcate change. This Harvard Business Review article – which indicates that such indices as ease of implementation and the careful deployment of friction are essential to successful change initiatives – would suggest that maybe we were making that change too hard for our constituents all along. View Full Post
Nurture Effective Leadership Where You Need It the Most I was pleased to contribute an article entitled “Stealth Discrimination: A Model for Choosing and Managing Your Leaders” to the December 2017 issue of Edge International Communique. I developed the “Stealth Discrimination Model” several years ago to assist managing partners and others responsible for leadership in law firms who (like most of us) simply do not have the time to find and nurture leadership for every team or department in the firm. View Full Post
Should your Firm Be “Baking In” Legal AI? The informative legal automation news site Artificial Lawyer reports that major international business firm Addleshaw Goddard (AG), based in the UK, has appointed Kerry Westland head of its new 150-member Innovation and Legal Technology team. The firm has been incorporating technology into its operations increasingly since 2010, when it established a group with responsibility for improving the firm’s efficiency to clients. View Full Post
Failure to Encrypt Email Can Put Lawyers at Risk An editorial in the Akron Legal News reminds lawyers of the urgency of securing their law-related email. In May, 2017, the American Bar Association issued Formal Opinion #477R, which suggests guidelines for “Securing Communication of Protected Client Information.” The ABA opinion points out that: A lawyer generally may transmit information relating to the representation of a client over the internet without violating the Model Rules of Professional Conduct where the lawyer has undertaken reasonable efforts to prevent inadvertent or unauthorized access. View Full Post
There are some surprising statistics in the video I am posting here. Have you considered, for example, that “Today’s college students have never licked a stamp”? Did you know that “The fastest growing demographic on Twitter is grandparents”? Like much other information on the Internet, “Socialnomics 2017” – a 2.5 minute video by digital guru Erik Qualman – offers an intriguing few minutes of diversion. View Full Post