Janice Boase

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Janice Boase is a former nurse epidemiologist for Public Health Seattle & King County and an infectious disease expert. She has been in the frontlines in numerous foodborne illness investigations, such as the outbreaks involving Jack in the Box hamburgers, Odwalla apple juice, Sun Orchard orange juice. She was involved in setting initial, national, health and safety practice standards for child care programs. She currently works for Group Health Cooperative in the practice of Travel Medicine, but keeps her interest in outbreak investigation alive by monitoring, and writing about, outbreaks for the law firm of Marler Clark.

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In my job over at Outbreak Database, I have been keeping track of foodborne illness outbreaks – small and large – over the last 12 months. Here are some of the more interesting: Don Julio Mexican Restaurant December 2011 – 59 ill. A salmonellosis outbreak was linked to eating at the Don Julio’s Mexican Restaurant in Corinth, Mississippi. A food producer or supplier did not appear to be the cause. The food vehicle and…