Fastcase Expands Treatises: Adds Littler Employment Library Including 79 Titles Today Fastcase is announcing the addition of the Littler Medndeson employment law practice materials to their growing portfolio of secondary sources and practice materials. Littler, is the largest global employment and labor law firm, and as far as I know they also have the largest collection of law firm authored treatises. View Full Post
Legal News Pioneer Steven Brill Takes on Fake News with NewsGuard. How Will News Aggregation Platforms Respond? Several months ago a colleague asked a group of legal information professionals if they had come up with a way to eliminate “bad” sources from news alerts. I have seen RT News – a notorious source for Russian propaganda show up in  alerts on artificial intelligence. View Full Post
Fastcase Fastracks Launch of State Docket Analytics  & New Features Following Docket Alarm Acqusition It was only eight weeks ago that Fastcase announced the axquisition of Docket Alarm. Today they are announcing the expansion of Docket Alarm to include court dockets from California, Connecticut, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. View Full Post
The Awesome Power of Understatement. Daniel Lewis On Assessing AI  Products and Managing Expectations Last  Thursday, Daniel Lewis, co-Founder of Ravel Law (now part of LexisNexis) gave the Keynote address at the annual Ark Best Practices & Management Strategies for Law Firm Library, Research and Information Services  conference in New York. Instead of another frothy,  sermon on the emergence of “robot lawyers,” Lewis delivered a measured analysis of the current state of AI in the legal market.  View Full Post
Courtroom Insight: Enhances Expert Witness Knowledge Management Platform   Courtroom Insight was originally designed to as a Yelp-type directory to enable litigators to locate and share insights about expert witnesses. In a recent interview co-founder Mark Torchiana explained that since the launch in 2010 he has learned that lawyers do not want to share their comments about experts in a public forum. View Full Post
For my entire career, people have been suggesting that “the end was near” for librarians.  A  spectacularly absurd notion in a burgeoning knowledge economy. Once again the marketplace is demonstrating the versatility and value librarians  can bring to innovative knowledge organizations even in the 21st Century. View Full Post
Lexis Re-imagines the Shepard’s Citator with Ravel Analytics: Adds 500,000 New Cases, 6 Million Images I met with Jeff Pfeifer, VP of Product Management at LexisNexis and Daniel Lewis, founder of Ravel Law to review the upcoming release of Ravel content on Lexis. I reviewed Ravel Law when came to market in 2014 offering one of the most innovative approaches to legal research to hit the market in the past decade.   View Full Post