CQ Releases Truth Counts: A Practical Guide for News Consumers Anyone who tracks federal legislation is familiar with the CQ brand.  By contrast to cable news –CQ offers old fashioned sober Walter Cronkite style reporting focused on the nuances of federal  legislation, policy and lobbying. I was lucky enough to get an invite to the book launch party which featured a panel of the book’s contributors . View Full Post
If you are at the Special Libraries Association Conference in Baltimore next week, I will be speaking on the following panels sponsored by Lucidea: SLA Convention Location: SLA Conference (Baltimore Convention Center) June 11 – 13. Link: https://www.sla.org/attend/sla-2018-annual-conference-2/ Hot Topic Session: Don’t Just be Integrated: Be Integral.  View Full Post
The Law Librarians Revolt: AALL Accuses LexisNexis  of Engaging in Unfair Business Practices – Possible Antitrust Violations For the past few years LexisNexis has been taking an increasingly combative stance in contract negotiations with their customers by tying a growing number of products together. It is a rather sad commentary that Lexis appears to  view their flagship legal research product Lexis Advance as a sinking ship which must be held afloat by their other product lines — mostly products which Lexis did not develop but acquired over the past few years. View Full Post
Lex Machina Launches “Trade Secrets” Litigation Analytics – Outsmarting the Pacer NOS Codes for the Second Time  –Webinar May 31st Today Lex Machina is announcing the release of a unique litigation analytics module on trade secrets. This is the second time in a year that Lex Machina has used machine learning to  identify a unique and valuable subset of cases for with there is no “Nature of Suite” code in the Pacer system.  View Full Post
IBM Watson’s Brian Kuhn To Deliver 2018 Gillard Lecture at St John’s Library School in NYC May 31st I have the honor of being the Chairperson of the 2018 Gillard Lecture which is sponsored by the St Alumni  of . John’s University Division of Library and Information Science.  I will be introducing this year’s speaker, Brian Kuhn, the Founder and Co-Leader of the IBM Watson Legal. View Full Post
Surprise -Your Expert Witness Has a Rapsheet – New Survey Examines the Sorry State of Expert Research Workflow in Law Firms Today Courtroom Insight, Daubert Tracker and Expert Witness Profiler  are releasing the  results of a new survey which was “developed to better understand commonly used expert witness research and retention techniques among litigation professionals.” Every law firm with a litigation practice is aware of the pain points associated with identifying, researching and validating experts. View Full Post
This week Lex Machina added Remedies Analytics to their platform. Lawyers can now investigate the trends on grant and deny rates for permanent injunctions. Preliminary injunctions and temporary restraining orders. Grant/deny rates can be analyzed for specific judges and districts for the types of litigation currently covered by Lex Machina. View Full Post
My “Fifteen Minutes” with  Author Tom Wolfe Tom Wolfe, the “founding father” of ” the New Journalism” died yesterday,  I can’t remember a time when Wolfe, t was not my favorite writer. I have read all of his books from the Kandy Kolored Tangerine Flake Streamline Baby (1965) to The Kingdom of Speech (2016), … as well as  every article I could chase down. View Full Post
Gavelytics Expands California Judicial Analytics with Rulings Research Capability and adds Arbitrator Archive I wrote about the launch of Gavelytics in October 2017 which offered judicial analytics for two of the largest county courts: Los Angeles and Riverside. They recently added data for San Francisco County. The number one  analytics solution demanded  by respondents to my annual Dewey B Strategic Start Stop Survey is a comprehensive 50 state court docket and analytics product. View Full Post
I will be speaking at these upcoming events:  Driving Adoption of AI Enabled Research Tools and How the New Technology Will Affect the Role of the Information Professional, SLA New York Chapter, May 8, 2018. Panel also includes Steve Lastres, Director of Knowledge Management, Debevoise & Plimpton, Nicole Dupras, Director Legal Research Division at Chase Cost Management, Robyn Rebollo, VP at Chase Cost Management:. View Full Post