Although he is remembered as a Los Angeles Laker, Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, as basketball trivia buffs know, actually began his NBA career on the Milwaukee Bucks. After turning down an offer to play for the Harlem Globetrotters, Abdul-Jabbar was drafted by the Bucks in 1969, where he won the MVP in his second season while leading the Bucks to their sole NBA championship in 1970. View Full Post
It has been said that the vast majority of movies coming out of Hollywood these days are “brainless.”  Despite that (often accurate) description, there are always a handful of films that manage to squeak into theaters and earn critical praise for their intelligent, thought-provoking stories, and educate the audience on a particular subject matter or character. View Full Post
It’s difficult to capture lightning in a bottle, an idiom that is especially true in the world of television production. As we grind into the first full week of November, many of the new series that premiered only a few scant weeks ago have already vanished from the air. View Full Post
Unless you’re one of the twelve people in the world who didn’t see The Avengers this summer, you can likely recall the scene where Tony Stark literally “steps out” of his Iron Man suit after landing on his penthouse ledge.  Indeed, the fictional billionaire has perfected the doffing of his hardware to a science—the machines literally unscrew and disassemble the pieces as he walks into his living room.  View Full Post