Lean Lawyering: An Introduction to Process Improvement (Student Perspective) Yesterday  I attended the joint Process Improvement workshop for Lean Lawyering, which was hosted by several Florida public-interest lawyers and LegalRnD at the State Bar of Michigan. Here’s a link to the workshop’s website: There were about 40 participants at the meeting, and I had the opportunity to meet and share ideas with practicing practitioners from law firms, legal aid entities, courts, and corporations from around Michigan. View Full Post
Can each panelist explain their role and why diversity is important to them? Judy Perry Martinez is of counsel for Simon Peragine Smith & Redfearn. Judy has served 20 years as a lawyer and 12 years inhouse. Mrs. Perry thinks mentoring those with different perspectives helps create a different view for leaders who are focused on changing the way legal help those that are often overlooked by law. View Full Post
Use of Artificial Intelligence During Due Diligence Creates A Global View of a Target Company Introduction: For the past few years, business outlets have published numerous stories about failed mergers of gigantic corporations due to failed due diligence studies. In fact, Hewlett-Packard’s deal with Autonomy was one of those highly reported stories of a large corporation losing billions due to an oversight in its due diligence review.[1] In 2011, Hewlett Packard acquired Autonomy for 11.1 billion, a 64% premium over the company’s 1 billion in yearly revenue. View Full Post
The Cyber Cold War: How Stockpiling Malware Moves the World Closer to a Technological Armageddon Introduction: Blind Reliance The world is currently experiencing a digital revolution, where access to the internet and technology has increased significantly in all age groups. Technology has improved the quality of life for everyone, for example, it has made the world borderless by allowing individuals to connect with each other throughout the world for personal and professional reasons. View Full Post
Co-written by Danielle Chirdon The Fin (Legal) Tech Conference 2016 — Presented by The Law Lab @ Illinois Tech – Chicago Kent College of Law from Daniel Katz The 2017 Financial Legal Technology Conference at Chicago-Kent College of Law was a high intensity day packed with information from over twenty leaders in the crosshairs of technology in the legal and financial industry. View Full Post