The World Health Organization has announced a new initiative, REPLACE, that seeks the cooperation of governments to ban artificial trans fats by 2023.  Trans fats can either be naturally occurring in foods such as milk products, or artificially produced.  Partially hydrogenated oils account for most artificial trans fats.  View Full Post
The grain industry is reacting to the “temporary” Chinese preliminary antidumping duty of 178.6% on sorghum shipped from the United States, announced April 17, 2018. Reuters reported that Chinese importers of sorghum, a grain used to create ethanol and feed livestock, have asked the government in Beijing to waive the duties.   View Full Post
As China’s intellectual property practices continue on to be a centerpiece of the Trump Administration’s trade policy, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Senate Finance Committee Member Bill Nelson (D-Florida) on Friday urged U.S. Trade Representative Lighthizer to include strong copyright protections in U.S. View Full Post
President Xi Jinping announced on Tuesday that China will begin a “new phase of opening up” that will shift the Chinese economy towards a market-based model.  While it is not the first time the Chinese President has made these or similar promises, the remarks clearly are designed to forestall threatened U.S. View Full Post
On December 11, 2017, the Supreme Court denied certiorari of  Papierfabrik August Koehler SE’s (“Koehler”) appeal of the Department of Commerce’s (“Commerce”) use of total adverse facts available (“AFA”) in assigning the company a dumping margin.  The decision signaled the Court’s acceptance of the agency’s far-reaching discretion to use AFA as a tool in investigating antidumping allegations.   View Full Post