Legal Trends Report : Referrals the leading way lawyers get clients Despite all the money law firms spend on Internet marketing, more people choose a lawyer by a referral from a friend, relative or another lawyer than any other method — by far. This from the 2017 Legal Trends Report, just released by Clio, a leading practice management solution provider. View Full Post
Large law lawyer leverages technology, data and systems to change defense of mass tort claims Twenty years ago, I terminated my firm’s Westlaw subscription and outsourced our legal research. How so? Law clerks attending law school whom I met on AOL message boards. A clerk did the research, using free Westlaw, drafted a motion, memorandum or brief, forwarded it to my assistant to be put on a case caption and reviewed by my associate. View Full Post
Washington Post’s Arc publishing platform a model for LexBlog When Amazon built a digital department store, then competitor, Toys “R” Us licensed Amazon’s technology for the online sales of its goods. Toys “R” Us could not compete on software. When Amazon had surplus cloud hosting capacity, Amazon created AWS for the licensing of its cloud hosting services to third parties. View Full Post
NYSBA sides against consumers on access to legal services Maybe I’m naive, but I’ve always thought the legal profession as a whole, some lawyers more than others, stood up for the little guy, the consumers if you will. In that bar associatons are run by lawyers and talk about pro bono work and access to legal services, it would seem to be a natural that they would champion consumer causes — such as access to legal services. View Full Post
Do law schools take professional development of students seriously? In the last week I’ve had exchanges with a couple law schools that made me wonder how serious law schools take professional development of their students. I’m basing this on my belief that a law student’s understanding of how to blog and use social media to build a name and network is serious stuff. View Full Post