Mark Zellmer

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An active toxic tort trial attorney, Mark represents large manufacturers and small businesses in state and federal courts from coast to coast. As a national trial counsel, Mark directs the day-to-day management of clients’ toxic tort litigation. After more than 40 years of protecting clients’ interests, Mark has amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge. This includes extensive research on toxic tort litigation and files on the history of his cases, the history of the defendants, and the scientific and medical literature.

Latest Articles

Recently in Asbestos Columns, published by Harris Martin, I authored an article on the causation of lung cancer asking how much does asbestos really contribute.  Courts that look at the issue of causation in asbestos cases are now less likely to allow testimony from plaintiff’s experts that any exposure above background will substantially contribute to cause an asbestos related disease and more likely to require a plaintiff to prove that the alleged exposure attributable to…