According to SC Media UK, in March, 2018, online travel company Orbitz revealed that it had suffered a major data breach, potentially exposing the personal information of up to 880,000 customers.  Orbitz is owned by parent company Expedia. Though it is unclear from the statement issued by Orbitz, it appears that customers who made purchases during certain time frames may have had their data compromised by a breach, which was discovered on March 1, 2018.  View Full Post
A new form of cyber intrusion has emerged in recent months:  cryptojacking. Unlike hacking that steals software or a user’s data, cryptojacking occurs when a computer is unknowingly hijacked to extract or  “mine” data for cryptocurrency. The rise of cryptojacking can be traced to  Monero, a digital currency introduced in 2014 as an alternative to bitcoin.    View Full Post
The increase in ransomware attacks over the past few years shows no signs of abating, with cybercriminals continuing to develop new methods of extorting businesses and consumers. We are used to hackers’ demands for payment in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or threats to release compromising names or even photos in exchange for release of data.  View Full Post