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Rachel Carter is the marketing director of Bob-White Systems, the John Deere of the Farmstead Dairy Industry. As a writer, Rachel is the newest co-author of "Vermont: An Explorer's Guide" and blogs at www.VermontVibesBlog.com. As a business owner, she owns Vermont public relations firm, Rachel Carter PR, and publishes the Vermont News Feed (http://rachelcarterpr.com/feed/). As a Vermonter, Rachel has been growing much of her own food in her backyard since 2000.

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If dairy farming is to remain part of Vermont’s agricultural future it must adjust to changing market realities and practice sustainable environmental management. Micro dairy farming offers one viable solution to producing farm fresh milk for local markets. Milk sold directly from the farm can limit production to match demand while, at the same time, allow micro dairy farmers to capture the full value of their milk.  An average micro dairy farm of four pasture-grazing…