The Changing Lawyer: Litera Microsystems to Offer Its Own Content Litera Microsystems recently announced a new publication called The Changing Lawyer. So, yawn, what’s so new about that? Turns out there is something new. Like most vendors, Litera Microsystems (which it insists it be referred to as instead of any shortened version of its name), one of the larger document management service and technology providers with a complete range of products in this space, already has a product blog devoted to providing standard information about the products and services it offers. View Full Post
  Sometimes you find pearls right under your nose. You just miss seeing them because you make certain assumptions based on what you’ve heard or how you have been conditioned. This happened to me recently when I discovered there is a Kentucky law school on the cutting edge of teaching innovation, entrepreneurship and legal technology. View Full Post
LegalRnD’s Workshop on Building a Better Lawyer: Can Law Schools Lead Us Out of the Wilderness? A long-time law practice mentor of mine used to say after spending the day with really smart people discussing big problems and solutions, that all that thinking gave him a headache. If that’s the case then Carl would have had colossal migraine if, like me, he participated in the Building a Better Lawyer” Design Thinking Workshop at Michigan State University College of Law yesterday.  View Full Post
Can Litigation Prediction Change the Way We Do Alternative Fees? An interesting article appeared today in Artificial Lawyer (AL), Richard Tromans’ excellent blog on the impact of artificial intelligence, data analytics, and more generally, technology on the practice of law. The gist of the article is that UK-based insurance law firm BLM has announced a partnership with  the London School of Economics (LSE), to develop litigation prediction models as part of a wider move into legal analytics. View Full Post
Lawyers have a deservedly bad reputation when it comes to technology and its use and adoption. But one group of lawyers is attacking the issue head on. The Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel, (of which I am a proud member) is making efforts to be sure its members have state of the art technological tools and skills to better try cases and persuade juries. View Full Post