Meet the Bloggers IVX Event: INTA in Seattle It was another star-studded event in Seattle last night, enjoy some pics from Meet the Bloggers: The Ironmongers are Reunited: Friendly Ron Coleman, John Welch, Steve Baird Skeptical Ron Coleman, Steady Welch and Baird Concerned Ron Coleman, Steady Welch and Baird Animated Ron Coleman, Mildly Amused Welch and Baird Much Going on Under the Light of a Full Moon: Marty Schwimmer Focusing as Carl Oppedahl Howls at the full Moon? View Full Post
It’s been a little while since the last example we’ve shared showing a brand turning its face, or a blind eye, on age-old rigid trademark advice, counseling against using a brand name as a verb. Given the more common trend of many alcoholic beverage brands focusing attention and their messaging on drinking responsibly, MillerCoors has made a surprising choice with Hamm It Up! View Full Post
The Uncertain Case of Deadwood Trademarks Last week, I enjoyed the privilege of returning to Iowa City (where it all began) for Executive Leadership Board Meetings at the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy. Great meetings there! During a stroll through downtown, I was reminded of Deadwood, a legendary Iowa City tavern, so I snapped a few photos, having long forgotten the creative tagline — Institute of Higher Learning: Deadwood has special meaning in the trademark world. View Full Post
Owning Some TM Happiness: Bubly ≠ Bubbly? For a few months now, the Minneapolis skyway system has been flooded with a variety of fresh, creative, eye-popping advertising to promote Pepsi’s new bubly sparkling water collection: Although not a lie (the bottles I’ve seen clearly reference Pepsi), you’d never know from this ad or the trademark registration that Pepsi is behind bubly, since an Irish entity located in Bermuda owns the mark. View Full Post
Registration of a Very Personal Brand Name How much do I believe in federal registration of trademarks and brand names? Well, this much: I’ve always been a big fan of practicing what you preach. Actually walking the talk. Not just talk. That mindset helps explain why we stuck with the suggestive name of this blog, even after the experts recommended against it several times, for SEO and other reasons. View Full Post