Here is the transcript of the closing argument made by Terence Lenamon in the death penalty case of James Edward Bannister.   Lenamon Closing Argument in Death Penalty Phase The jury did note vote for death after hearing this argument.  Why not?  Read it for yourself:  Death Penalty Closing Arguments in the Penalty Phase of James Bannister  View Full Post
Updating our prior post on the case of Hidalgo v Arizona, where a petition to the Supreme Court of the United States has been filed on behalf of Arizona Death Row inmate Abel Hidalgo.  This is the case that some argue could result in a SCOTUS finding that capital punishment is unconstitutional. For details read our earlier post, "Will SCOTUS Hear Hidalgo v Arizona and End the Death Penalty? View Full Post
What do the prosecutors and the defense attorneys say to the jury in a death penalty case, when those 12 people are going to decide whether or not the defendant should be sentenced to death? Real life isn’t like those short speeches we see on the TV shows like Law and Order.  For those interested in the process and how death penalty trials work — and specifically, what Terence Lenamon said to the jury in the Bannister case where the jury came back for Life, not Death, we have added the following into Terry’s Online Libary:   Death Penalty Trial Opening Statements: Trial Transcripts     Closing Arguments by State and Defense in Death Penalty Trial of James Bannister View Full Post
With the execution of Patrick Hannon earlier this month, the State of Florida has completed its execution schedule for 2017.   Lenamon Victory in James Bannister Trial Terence Lenamon has just successfully defeated attempts by prosecutors to get the death penalty in two capital cases this fall.  In both the James Bannister and William Wells prosecutions, the juries came back with verdicts imposing life without parole.  Not death.  What swayed the jury in the Bannister case?  We’ll share Terry’s closing argument here on the blog and in his online library in a future post.  (Read his argument in Wells here.)  2018 Florida Capital Punishment Prosecutions  Right now, there are no executions scheduled by the State of Florida for 2018 (most executions already on the calendar are in Ohio, some in Texas).   And there’s a lot of people watching what will happen if SCOTUS decides to hear Hidalgo v. View Full Post
Closing Argument in Death Penalty Trial of William Wells  Terence Lenamon argued against the imposition of the death penalty in the William Wells case last month, and the result was a jury finding that Wells should not receive death but instead life without parole. The jurors’ determination was based upon consideration of the aggravating factors argued by the State as they balanced against the mitigating circumstances urged by Terry.  Mercy won:   So, what did Terry argue to these twelve jurors that resulted in four of them deciding against capital punishment?   Read his Closing Argument here, stored for future reference in the Terence Lenamon Online Library: Penalty Phase Closing Argument in William Wells adv Florida  (function() { var scribd = document.createElement("script"); scribd.type = "text/javascript"; scribd.async = true; scribd.src = ""; var s = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(scribd, s); })(); View Full Post
Over in California, lawyer Scott Glovsky creates podcasts of his talks with fellow trial attorneys, those he considers to be the great trial lawyers in the United States today, published on his site as "Trial Lawyer Talk."  Terry Lenamon Interview: "Trial Lawyer Talk" This month, he spoke with Terence Lenamon.  It’s a lawyer to lawyer chat.  And it provides fascinating details of how these capital cases are investigated as well as tried.  It’s a death penalty lawyer going into detail about a specific capital case.  The interview covers 36 minutes and can be heard here, as episode 38, where Terry discusses (1) facts of the case as well as (2) his experience in defending Byron Burch, who was accused of killing his elderly aunt in a horrific manner. View Full Post