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What's the law say on Delta (possibly) kicking passengers off for speaking Arabic? On Wednesday, Youtube stars Adam Saleh and Slim Albaher went viral on Twitter when they posted a video of Delta Airlines removing them from their flight after their Arabic conversation made other passengers uncomfortable. Just how much legal recourse does Delta have in situations like this? View Full Post
'Rogue One' as a precursor to future employment contracts? Plenty of us rushed out to see the latest “Star Wars” movie, “Rogue One,” this weekend. Which means many of us were a bit taken aback at the friendly face of Grand Moff Tarkin wielding his harsh power over Imperial troops once again—after all, Peter Cushing, the actor who played Tarkin in “A New Hope,” died in 1994. View Full Post
Will technology allow for safe driving and cybersecurity? The Department of Transportation announced on Tuesday that they were proposing a rule that would require all new vehicles to include technology for vehicle-to-vehicle systems. The protocol could help prevent a whole lot of accidents, but that is, thankfully, not the only way they’re thinking about drivers’ safety. View Full Post