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Authoring made easy

Gaining legal knowledge and experience takes time, but sharing it doesn’t have to. Our visual post editor is intuitive and saves your work every few seconds, freeing up time for you to focus on writing about the subject matter you know best. You can illustrate your points using our table editor, image uploader and embedded content from other sites. Plus our admin section is mobile friendly so you can post content from anywhere, any time you’re feeling inspired.

Authoring Made Easy
workflow optimized for collaboration

Workflow optimized for collaboration

The LexBlog Platform provides advanced collaboration options to streamline workflow for teams with multiple contributors. You can have shared bylines, and more than one author can collaborate on a single post entirely via the platform within their separate accounts. And with our editor pending review notifications, authors can submit posts for review by editors before publishing. No need to post content under a firm name or generic account—with collaboration-oriented workflow and features you can make sure the right individuals are credited with the right content.

LexBlog gives our lawyers a chance to not be lawyers; you can generate personality for yourself…and it adds a sense of personality to the people you essentially work for.

Jacob Berschauer

Legal Marketing Technology Manager

Individual authors, showcased individually

Clients hire lawyers, not firms, so for the legal industry in particular, it’s important to highlight author’s names and showcase their individual expertise. LexBlog makes this as simple as possible. We provide options for adding an author’s portrait, bio and social media icons to a byline or section at the bottom of their posts. On our advanced plans, users can add detailed author archive pages, which include an author’s photos, bio, RSS feed and a list of their most recent posts—ideal for sharing as a hyperlinked byline, sidebar or even email signature. These features highlight authors, so that while contributing to a team, it’s still easy for authors to gain a following as an individual and optimize their presence online.

Individual Authors, Showcased Individually
Highlight the experts

List your experts

Once you’ve showcased your high-quality content, impress readers with the number of specialized experts at your firm. Available on our advanced plans, the dynamic author list and author about page automatically update to list authors who have posts on your blog. Like a directory, this allows you to easily list your blog’s contributors in one place so that your readers can browse through authors and see the breadth of your firm’s expertise. All of these Author Features are integrated into the LexBlog Platform by our design team.

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