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Our most secure platform

Security risks increase as your firm expands its blog network. Premier ensures that your security protection scales with your blogs. It’s our most secure platform, offering SSL (Secure Socket Layer), the industry standard security technology for encrypting connections between web servers and browsers. Plus your blogs will be hosted on their own private, firm-specific install separate from LexBlog’s shared environment to protect your blogs from being impacted by other members’ sites. Protect your users further by requiring periodic password resets and two-factor authentication.

Premier Security
Premier Speed

Speed that fits your needs

LexBlog’s layered caching is even more effective on Premier, which delivers content up to 25 percent faster than our standard blogs. Premier saves your users time with a faster admin area on your independent instance, and repeat tasks are easier with tools like bulk user management and in-platform Google Analytics dashboards.

Obviously, my favorite is when a new client calls and says “I read your blog post, and I knew you would be the right person to hire.” Pointing them toward a blog where there’s an inventory of thought leadership and areas you know about and have written about is extremely valuable and can’t be replicated.

Matthew Howsare

Attorney at Mintz Levin and Premier Managed Platform Customer

Guaranteed stability

Our Premier Managed Platform Service Level Agreeement guarantees 99.95% uptime (less than 5 hours of downtime in a year). We have a 24/7 incident response team communicating with you in the case of an outage, and should it ever be needed, faster recovery from backups. Premier is the first to receive critical updates as well as platform improvements and new features.

Uptime Stability
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Designed to scale with you

Premier is equipped with features that make managing a group of blogs simple. You’ll be able to add and manage users with the bulk user management tool as well as reassign their content if they should leave the firm. If you need to take your blog offline for administrative reasons, you can set up a redirect to your other properties, right within your platform. The Premier-only sandbox, visible just to your users, allows you to test out changes or have a new blog author practice using the platform. Premier is also optimized for multi-user collaboration; blog editors can receive emails when an author has a post ready for review or publishing. Premier saves you time with a combined Google Analytics view of all of your blogs’ traffic and per-blog statistics for your authors right in their dashboard.

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