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Clients need to find you in order to hire you, and showing up in search results is a necessary first step. Making sure this happens requires in-depth know-how of the ever-changing technical tactics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). To save you time, our team stays on top of the latest search visibility algorithms and strategies. We optimize your sitemap and register it with Google and Bing to make sure each new post is quickly indexed for search, write or help you write custom title tags optimized for search engine visibility and build your site to be mobile responsive and search friendly. Plus we adhere to other best practices including duplicate content prevention, semantic HTML markup, and more technical strategies, so that you can focus on your content—not on making sure it gets seen.

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The Ideal Platform for Getting Discovered through SEO

The Ideal Platform for Getting Discovered

Blogging, more so than a website, is the ideal platform for a firm to get discovered. Why? Because unlike standard firm websites, blogs are regularly updated with narrowly defined, subject-specific content that’s going to match up with users’ searches much more easily than the average standard firm website will. Plus, new blog posts, syndicated daily on our blog network, LXBN, are more likely to get you featured on Google News, which prioritizes news-style, recently posted content. Environmental lawyer Doug Steding lists SEO as a reason he chose LexBlog and attributes us with his increased visibility, saying that thanks to using LexBlog, “I had a huge surge in traffic, and got a lot of calls from the media.”

I had a huge surge in traffic, and got a lot of calls from the media.

Doug Steding

Environmental Lawyer

Optimized Content

We provide training materials and support so you can write content that will get read. We advise on good titles, engaging posts, and keep you informed of best practices as well as which ones to avoid. Advanced plans include readability stats, SEO feedback and controls so you can make sure the content you’re publishing is as search optimized as possible. Also, these plans give you the option to customize how your content displays when shared via social media, and the optimized display will help improve its search engine ranking. Share your optimized content even further through our integrated social tools.

Optimized Content for SEO

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