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Get shared and followed on social media

Using built-in share buttons at the bottom of every post, readers can share your blog posts on all major social media platforms tastefully and professionally. Unlike many sharing methods, our platform protects readers’ privacy because it doesn’t use tracking cookies for behavioral advertising. Gain more followers by directing readers to social platforms for your blog, firm, lawyers or authors with linked social profile buttons in the “Stay Connected” section on every page.

Social Allows You To Expand Your Reach Online
Email and RSS

Build loyal readers with email and RSS

Your readers will never miss a post thanks to our automated email notifications—whenever you post fresh content, your readers will receive a mobile-friendly email update designed to complement your blog. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about getting hit by steep commercial email fines because all emails are compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act. Or readers can subscribe to the whole blog, tags, categories or authors via RSS. Use our Full Service plan to adjust your RSS feed to help integrate your content into your firm’s website.

The publicity within the LexBlog community really works.

Dan Harris

China Law Attorney

Advanced Features

We’ve integrated email statistics into your platform so you can see who your subscribers are, your email open and click rates and the posts your subscribers read the most. Advanced plans include out Twitter integration for displaying your recent tweets, avatar, username and a follow button designed to get you more followers. With our Full Service plan, you can even customize how your content appears when it’s shared via social media.

Advanced Social Features
Social Exposure Through The LexBlog Network

Exposure through The LexBlog Network

Your blog posts will be syndicated to LexBlog’s, the largest curated network of legal blogs with more than 15,000 social followers. The blog network connects you with other lawyers while giving you a chance to stand out for your individual area of expertise. We regularly highlight great posts and offer author exposure through The LexBlog Network in a number of ways including: weekly Top Ten roundups shared on The LexBlog Network and social media, LexBlog Leader interviews spotlighting power bloggers, daily updates to the The LexBlog Network homepage featuring best posts, weekly email notifications to subscribers, plus daily posts on our dedicated The LexBlog Network Twitter and Facebook feeds. As China law attorney and practice owner Dan Harris put it, “The publicity within the LexBlog community really works.” LexBlog Platform features are designed for a turnkey experience. But if you ever hit a snag, our support team is ready to help.

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