LegalTech New York 2012

Drafting documents and researching cases is time-intensive, and any new tool that makes the process easier is sure to be appreciated by all practicing attorneys.  LXBN TV got a chance to talk with Suzanne Petren-Moritz of LexisNexis about a recently
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LegalTech New York 2012 was a great experience for me personally for a number of different reasons.  Going to New York, meeting industry leaders, and helping coordinate the largest journalistic project I’ve ever been involved with are just a few
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In almost every industry, we’re seeing business models that simply aren’t working, especially when it comes to content consumption. Print journalism, movie rentals and music—they’ve all changed drastically. The same holds true in the legal industry, and Fastcase stands as
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The big topic at LegalTech New York this year was predictive coding.  We certainly heard our fair share of it during our interviews, and multiple sessions covered the topic as well.  So it was nice to hear a presenter bring
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