LegalTech New York 2013

Of all the people LXBN TV interviewed at LegalTech New York 2013, more than 45 individuals total, we didn’t get the opportunity to speak with a practicing lawyer who focused on the conference’s most-discussed topic—eDiscovery. Today though, we finally get
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Operating at the intersection of so many different parties, law firms handle massive troves of sensitive documents and data. Though, despite this fact, they aren’t the quickest to adopt more advanced technological security, and hackers know this, sometimes even perceiving
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No matter the venture, it’s always advantageous to keep one’s eyes on the big picture—to look past the nitty gritty details of the current challenge and on to what’s most important. That applies also to litigation and the discovery process.
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For nearly as long as lawyers have been around, they’ve been publishing content as a way to establish their authority on subjects. But for long time, the ability to do that was limited to the publications available—usually relatively broad in
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Two decades ago, the discovery process may have been limited to just 30,000 documents—and now we’re closer to 30 million. That’s big data. So as we’re working with more and more bits of information, we need more powerful tools to
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As the legal industry moves out from under the shadow of the recession, some things will never go back to the way they were.  Cutting costs, providing better services, and changing the way clients are billed are just the tip
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