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While trial practice is difficult enough for most attorneys, the world of post-trial motions poses a whole other set of challenges. Not only must these motions be well-researched and thorough, they also can set up appellate issues for later. This

One of the newest developments in the legal profession is the introduction of the virtual courtroom. While telephone appearances have been common for many years, the COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a new era for court proceedings with remote participants. Now,

Partnering with law firm web design companies to enhance your firm’s online presence can provide significant marketing and client experience advantages. Your website is a crucial first impression for potential clients searching for lawyers online, it’s a way to establish

Knowing what a motion hearing is and how to handle it is crucial for any lawyer. These hearings are where attorneys argue specific requests before a judge, and the outcomes can greatly influence a case. Whether it’s trying to get

For law firms in today’s legal landscape, delivering sound legal representation and a client-centered focus are essential, but good legal work alone isn’t enough. A law firm is also a business, which means that effective law firm management is integral