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Reck Law – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys is a law firm dedicated to helping work injury claimants in Washington State. The law firm has several locations in the greater Seattle and Tacoma area. The law firm strives to help people with an L&I claim or a workers’ compensation claim navigate the complex workers’ comp system, and to ensure that injured workers receive the medical treatment and financial benefits they deserve under the law.

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I’ve been getting lots of questions about work-related COVID L&I claims. How do I get compensation if I caught COVID at my workplace? What if my family member died after getting COVID at work? Unsurprisingly, lately I see more and

I’ve been thinking a lot about radiculopathy lately. That’s because I have several clients that have issues with radiculopathy in their L&I claim in Washington State.   Radiculopathy in your workers’ compensation claim Radiculopathy is a condition that comes up fairly