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Reck Law – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys is a law firm dedicated to helping work injury claimants in Washington State. The law firm has several locations in the greater Seattle and Tacoma area. The law firm strives to help people with an L&I claim or a workers’ compensation claim navigate the complex workers’ comp system, and to ensure that injured workers receive the medical treatment and financial benefits they deserve under the law.

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The Industrial Insurance Act governs your workers’ compensation claim in Washington State. You can find this Act in Title 51 of the Revised Code of Washington (or RCW 51 in short). Under RCW 51, the goal is for the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) to provide benefits to work injury claimants and their dependents. […] The post L&I Claim and Potential Issues for Truck Drivers: The Trucking Exemption appeared first on Workers Compensation –
As a workers’ compensation attorney in Washington State, I often see L&I claims involving truck driver work injury. Also, I can attest that trucking work accidents can be severe and costly. In my experience, common occurrences of trucking work injury include slips, trips and falls. These workplace accidents happen in a variety of ways. Sometimes they […] The post Trucking Work Injury and Occupational Disease Cases in the L&I Claim Settings appeared first on Workers Compensation
Knee workplace injuries are very common in the workers’ compensation claim ecosystem. The Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) studied the frequency of knee claims from 1999 through 2007. In conclusion, they found that 7% of all claims involve knee conditions. Practically speaking, that translates into roughly 25,000 knee work injury incidents in under 10 […] The post L&I Claim for Knee Work Injury appeared first on Workers Compensation – Washington.…
Work injury and workplace disease involving shoulders are fairly common. In fact, there are many ways shoulder work injuries can occur. There are also many industrial disease processes that affect shoulders. For instance, when work requires repetitive and heavy use of the arms and shoulders. Like many conditions in L&I claim settings, the cause (or […] The post Shoulder Work Injury in a Workers’ Compensation Claim appeared first on Workers Compensation – Washington.…
There are many ways for workers to suffer nerve damage in a work injury or work-related disease. For example, when nerve trauma or nerve compression occurs in a workplace injury, it can lead to nerve pain and damage. Another example is a work injury that pinches spinal nerves at the root. Such an injury can cause […] The post Nerve Damage and Pain in L&I Claim: Numbness and Tingling as Symptoms appeared first on Workers Compensation
Recently, I’ve been very busy wrapping up litigation in several cases. The litigation was before the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals (known as BIIA or Board in short). The appeals in question were filed by work injury clients, which I represent. In general, an L&I claim appeal is filed after we receive an L&I claim […] The post L&I Claim and Independent Medical Exam (IME) Providers from Out of State appeared first on Workers Compensation
Objective medical findings are very important in every L&I claim and workers’ compensation claim. The Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) distinguishes between objective and subjective findings. For example, when a work injury claimant describes their symptoms, that falls under subjective findings. However, medical exam results where a treatment provider can see, feel, or measure, […] The post Workers’ Compensation Claim: The Importance of Objective Medical Findings appeared first on Workers Compensation – Washington.…
One challenging aspect of my job is to help work injury claimants set realistic expectations regarding their L&I claim. Very often, people have unrealistic presumptions after a work injury, for several reasons. One key reason is misinformation concerning how a workers’ compensation claim works.   L&I claim misinformation and common mistakes For me, it’s not […] The post L&I Workers’ Compensation Claim: Setting Realistic Expectations for Work Injury Victims appeared first on Workers Compensation –
Approximately 10 years ago, I remember attending a presentation with other workers’ compensation attorneys. The presenter was a representative of the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I). The main topic of discussion was rolling out the Medical Provider Network or MPN.   Concerns and challenges under the medical provider network Every workers’ compensation attorney […] The post L&I Control Over Medical Treatment: The MPN and Best Practices appeared first on Workers Compensation – Washington
What happens after my L&I claim closes? I get this question all the time. It’s one of the biggest points of stress for people after a work injury in Washington State. Moreover, this stress is particularly high for people that know they will incur additional medical costs after their L&I claim is closed.   Paying […] The post L&I Claim Closed – Who is Paying for Future Medical Expenses? appeared first on Workers Compensation –