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Our firm represents people, not businesses or institutions. We focus on personal injury litigation and employment law. We represent people who have been injured due to the fault of others and employees in disputes with their employers or former employers.

Why? We want to make our living doing work that is worthwhile. Early in my career, I represented all sides in many kinds of disputes. But I simply didn’t find it satisfying to represent insurance companies and big businesses. It is true that businesses must pay attention to the bottom line. But many companies don’t seem to care about anything else. They just want to resolve claims as cheaply as they can. For them, people’s troubles are just balance sheet issues. Serving that narrow way of seeing the world is not how I want to spend my life.

Injured people really need help. You have medical bills to pay. You have lost wages and earnings. You have been in pain and may still be in pain. You may have disabilities. You may have suffered the loss of a loved one.

Some employers treat their employees well. But many do not. Some employers seem to ignore the fact that hard working, loyal employees depend on their salaries and benefits to provide for their families and themselves.

Justice is not given; it is achieved. Without help from a competent, experienced lawyer, you may get nothing, or whatever pittance the insurance companies or employers choose to give you.

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September 17, 2010 is Constitution Day, in celebration of the 223rd anniversary of the United States Constitution.

Around the world, the average lifespan of written national constitutions since 1789 has been just 17