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We want to do our part to make our nation’s food system safer by providing information, awareness, education, and if needed, access to the courts.

We bring the most up-to-date news about food safety to the public. News about recalls of contaminated food, food poisoning outbreaks, and other food safety problems should not be swept under the rug. Food safety concerns should be brought to light sooner, so that outbreaks can be stopped in their tracks — before more unsuspecting families are harmed by the food they buy.

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Approximately 5,760 cases of Capri Sun Wild Cherry beverages have been recalled because of possible contamination. Here’s what we know about this CapriSun Recall:
About the CapriSun Recall
“The voluntary recall comes after diluted cleaning solution, which is used on

If you accidentally leave formula sitting out, you may wonder if it is still safe to feed your baby. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), prepared infant formula can sit out for two hours before spoiling.

Unlike other dairy products, butter can generally sit out at room temperature for hours or even days without spoiling. Because it is low in carbohydrates and proteins, it is more challenging for mold and bacteria to grow. However, there are

Whether raw or cooked, chicken can sit out at room temperature for two hours. Any longer than that, and it will enter the “danger zone,” which is when harmful bacteria begin to multiply, and the chicken is no longer safe