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As of late, the cost of an Uber or Lyft ride has significantly increased. Surge pricing and a driver shortage has made it more difficult than before for the consumer to request the ridehailing companies’ services. Because of this, much
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As transit agencies across the country emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, they are reportedly confronting an array of new challenges. Because after more than a year of constant adaptation to provide safe service, agencies must now adapt again — this
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In a recent memo, the advocacy organizations Calbike, Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, and TransForm joined forces to oppose AB 371.The bill would force bikeshare and e-scooter providers to extend insurance coverage to their customers, which the organizations argue
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The cases against the automaker Tesla involving its Autopilot are reportedly growing, and fueling concerns over the technology’s shortcomings — especifically those related to the many car crashes it has been involved in. According to the New York Times, the
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