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The blog for the lawyer and law firm looking for a dynamic publication at the highest level

Blog Premier is the product for lawyers and firms who typically post more frequently and want to take their blog to a higher level. With the option for an image-centric magazine layout, Instant Send email notifications, individual email subscriber statistics and faceted search, this blog includes all the features that LexBlog has to offer.

Our Promise

LexBlog will work with all blog authors on strategy to set you up for success from the beginning, and we’ve got the tech side covered for you in the best way–from mobile-friendly design to continuous software/plugin updates to a search-friendly sitemap and structure, to automated email notifications to blog subscribers and more.

At any point during your blog’s lifespan—whether that’s months or years down the road—LexBlog is here to answer all questions regarding strategy, engagement, tech and anything else that might pop up. LexBlog is your partner in the success of your blog.

Take control over email notifications to subscribers with Breaking News / Instant Send email notifications.

You still have the option for automated email notifications for the prior day’s post(s), but you will also have the ability to push out the email notification to subscribers for a specific blog post, at any time.

Benefit from individual email subscriber statistics, so you can engage prospects with custom outreach

Individual email subscriber statistics enable you to see specifically who is engaging with specific content to identify interests.

An image-centric magazine layout gives you a more dynamic publication

Spotlight your most important posts and change as frequently as desired. Latest posts will be displayed with several multi-column options.

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Blog Premier Features
Unlimited blog
One hour of Strategic Consultation
Blog development and hosting
Mobile responsive design
Multi-column magazine layout
Syndication to
Two design revision rounds included
Search friendly
Facebook and Twitter open graph setup
Social media profile links and social share icons
Yoast! SEO optimization and readability analysis on posts & pages
Breaking News / Instant Send email notifications
Campaign and Individual Subscriber Statistics
Google Analytics
Two non-premium domains from GoDaddy + SSL certification
Phone, email and live chat support
Updates and maintenance to the LexBlog Platform

Cost: $325 per month plus

Initial Fee: $1,650

LexBlog hosts our 30 blogs, and I wouldn't have it any other way. They're the best and at the top of their game.

Vickie Spang

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Sales & Business Development
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