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Spotlight the publishing and expertise of your legal professionals in 15 minutes a day

LexBlog has created the Syndication Portal, a new type of publication that brings blogs, podcasts and videos—all digital material—together without having to repost or re-upload a single piece of content. Syndication Portals work off the Internet syndication standard format RSS which brings all of your content—across multiple sources and platforms—automatically into a new dynamic publication.

Sheppard Mullin’s In The Know runs on Lexblog’s Syndication Portal
We handle the hard work so you can focus on the promotion.

Enjoy safe and secure tech you can rely on.

Our technology is trusted by the largest firms around the globe, and for good reason. LexBlog sites are protected by Cloudflare. This always-on protection prevents spam and DDoS attacks that could otherwise bring your business down.

A simple and quick process that’s based on your schedule.

We know your time is valuable. Our process is direct with intentional times to collaborate. You’ll have the ability to schedule your kick-off, training and launch dates to fit your schedule.

No new content entry required, just RSS feeds.

Little effort is required on your part as all your digital content feeds into the site automatically through RSS feeds when they are published at the sources of origin.

McGeorge School of Law’s portal, McGeorge Law Today
Extend the reach of your existing material.
LexBlog builds, launches, and hosts your Syndication Portal, allowing you to connect with your members and grow your community.

Members added on an ongoing basis

Approve new blogs quickly and easily on a schedule that works best for you.

Newsletters combining all your content

Weekly newsletter digests spotlight chosen posts to subscribers.

More visibility and connections

Develop a larger subscriber base independent from the individual blog subscribers and promote everything to a wider audience.

One organized home for everything

Syndication Portals provide a central place to promote and subscribe to individual blogs, podcasts and video feeds.

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Who can use a Syndication Portal?


Create a Syndication Portal around a single topic to demonstrate your firm’s subject-matter expertise across offices, departments and practices. Promote blogging lawyers’ expertise to other lawyers across the firm in different practice areas and locations.

Bar Associations

Feature your association members through their thought leadership. Extend the reach of their content by providing a professional syndication channel. Make it easier for people to find their profile and subscribe to their content with a Syndication Portal.

Law Schools

Universities, colleges and law schools can publish a Syndication Portal with content from students, professors, and alumni. Demonstrate the gravitas of your academic program with blog posts and media from generation to generation.
“Our COVID Oversight and Enforcement Group prepared an enforcement tracker and we published it on the Coronavirus Portal. The Portal was a great platform to showcase that content."
—Megan Bennett, Marketing Operations Manager, Sheppard Mullin
Syndication Portal Development Process
LexBlog has worked with law firms since 2004 and we know your time is valuable. From kick-off to post-launch, our team provides regular communication to keep you up-to-date and informed. You’ll have the ability to schedule both your kick-off, training, and launch dates and times to fit your schedule.

1. Kick-Off

Collaborate with the talented team at LexBlog to dial in the strategy and the focus of your Syndication Portal. Define the sources of your content across vendors and platforms (full RSS feeds required for each source).

2. Set Up

The team at LexBlog will work to design and set up your publication on our platform. During this time, you’ll be trained on how to curate featured content and keep your Portal relevant and up-to-date.

3. Publish

When the time is right for you, we’ll launch your Syndication Portal with gusto. LexBlog’s publishing team will be ready to promote the launch with a published profile on your new publication and social media promotion on LinkedIn, Twitter and our podcast, This Week in Legal Blogging with Bob Ambrogi.

4. Curate

Easily select content to feature on the homepage to match the velocity of content published from your sources. As you publish new blogs and media, include them in your Syndicate Portal by adding their RSS feeds.

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