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Law Firm Syndication Portals

Create a Syndication Portal around a single topic to demonstrate your firm’s subject-matter expertise across offices, departments and practices. Promote blogging lawyers’ expertise to other lawyers across the firm in different practice areas and locations.

Coronavirus Insights runs on Lexblog’s Syndication Portal
With a Portal, you get more visibility and better organization.

Easily spotlight thought leadership across the firm.

Promotes blogging lawyers’ expertise to other lawyers across the firm in different practice areas / locations.

Enjoy a broader audience for all your publications.

Develop a larger subscriber base independent from the individual blog subscribers, and promote to a wider audience.

Post content freely that’s not owned by a blog.

Provides a lawyer with a way to share their insight and guidance without being tied to a specific blog or the firm’s website

Showcase all your insights in one place.

Showcases the firm’s comprehensive knowledge on a variety of topics through the array of blogs.
“I think it's just such a great resource for our team to be able to quickly find content on a certain topic and content written by a certain author who writes for multiple blogs.”
—Megan Bennett, Marketing Operations Manager, Sheppard Mullin

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Featured Case Study

The story behind Sheppard Mullin’s Coronavirus Insights
How Sheppard Mullin worked with LexBlog to pull all of the firm’s COVID-19 related content into a new publication without having to re-upload a single word

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, the task of distributing the surplus of content across various platforms became overwhelming. That overload of resources was falling upon the shoulders of Sheppard Mullin’s marketing team who had to approve and publish each post on the assortment of platforms.

Using LexBlog’s Syndication Portal technology, Coronavirus Insights was launched in a matter of weeks to combat these problems.

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