Blogging Fundamentals

Images can be a great addition to a blog post—they provide that extra pop and context. There are two places to use them in a blog post, either as a featured image or in the body of text.
Types of

Selecting a domain is another step you need to take before launching your blog. You should title your blog before coming up with a domain, not vice versa. If you need help selecting a title, I have some advice here

Blogging is all about listening and joining the conversation. A large part of this requires citing other people and their thoughts. You should frequently quote people.

When you’re blogging and you’ve seen these sources and you’ve seen these subjects, what

Before you can get your blog up and running, you have to come up with a name. It can seem like a daunting—and permanent—process, but the key is not to overthink it.  I would say that the title for the

One of WordPress’s many features is “Categories,” a method of tagging posts that can help organize and promote certain articles. The tool, like any other, has pros and cons. Though categories used to be popular in the past, they are

Knowing what to post on your blog can be tricky, especially when you’re first jumping into the writing process. However, with a global pandemic continuing to keep us inside and attached to our screens, there has never been a better