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“Only when the tide goes out do you learn who has been swimming naked.” Warren Buffett

Two weeks ago, our last post that the Second Shoe of the great reset was About To Drop. Since then, stock indices weakened almost

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” – Roman philosopher, Seneca

Opportunity means nothing unless we are prepared. Otherwise, opportunity is lost. Preparation is a multi faceted concept that most people don’t quite grasp. We often think we’re prepared, but

Knowledge is knowing what to do, wisdom is knowing when to do it

This adage is better known written as “no pain, no gain”. But, this version contemplates physical training, working 60-80 hour weeks to get promoted, and other if/then

Fool me twice, shame on me!

This means if someone takes advantage of us twice, we only have ourselves to blame. Once someone has shown themselves untrustworthy, we should not be surprised when they betray us again. But, regardless of

Why whine when you can Win…

One thing we’ve all learned since 2021’s EVERYTHING PEAK of all assets classes is that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Another thing we learned is that the concept of diversification is

What if you could take only 1/2 the risk of the stock market and have equal or better performance?

This seems like a trick question, but you’d be surprised how many investors actually do the opposite; take twice the risk

If you don’t know how you made money, or worse don’t know how you lost money, how can you prevent losing it again?

Human brains are wired to put the most emphasis on recent events that are fresh in our

Do you ever feel like you’re getting dragged over the cliff with the herd in front of you?

Long ago in our caveman days, we humans figured out rather quickly that it’s better to live as a group than to