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Is your firm considering sending a holiday card this year? If the answer is yes, the next question you need to answer is whether to do a printed card or a digital card. While we have moved away from the

Evaluating the success of your marketing and PR tactics is the first step in improving your marketing and PR programs. But to evaluate, you must be able to measure, and measuring begins with identifying what you want to measure, which

Kim Kardashian West. Not a name you frequently hear in professional services marketing material. A pop icon, yes. Socialite, for sure. Social media and fashion icon? Check. PR pro? Surprisingly, also yes.
“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” aired its last

Are your marketing campaigns performing as well as they could be? If a campaign isn’t meeting expectations or providing satisfactory results, there’s always the potential to improve it. The challenge is figuring out which tweaks will boost performance. The only

Any marketing strategy should include tactics for getting content in front of the audiences you are trying to reach. Most law firms have a blog or news feed where they publish press releases and firm news, but savvy marketers take