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As a NY estate lawyer with more than two decades of experience I always advise my clients on the importance of setting up a NY estate plan.  Setting up that NY estate plan almost always begins with the drafting and execution
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In NY according to the NY estate law you can disinherit anyone you would like unless that someone is your spouse.  Your spouse is entitled to their right of election of one third (1/3) of all assets within your probateable NY
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Have you received a letter from an “heir finder” or “heir hunter” company seeking to collect money on your behalf?  Does it sound too good to be true?  Did the heir finder letter cryptically offer you their services to collect money from
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When John Singleton arrived onto a Hollywood set in 1991 with his groundbreaking film Boyz n the Hood the twenty-five year old director instantly rose to the top of every movie studios choice for new projects.  Nominated for Best Director for
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As a NY estate lawyer with two decades of experience practicing NY estate litigation estate issues of all types are bound to arise in nearly every case.  These NY estate issues can range from the validity of the NY will itself
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