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The Girl’s Guide to Law School®exists for one reason: to help you get what you want from your law school experience. This isn’t about some abstract version of “success.” It’s about figuring out what you want to achieve, and helping you get there.

This week we welcome back guest writer Shirlene Brown to talk about your social media and your professional image. When you enter law school and later when you get sworn in as an attorney, you take an oath of professionalism. This oath even covers situations not relating to the practice of law or situations outside { Continue Reading } The post Young Professional Perspective – Thoughts on How Our Professional Lives and Looks Are Affected
This week we welcome guest writer and tutor Raneta Mack to talk about getting help from professors with work projects. You’ve just finished your first year of law school, and you’re about to embark on your first legal job: a coveted summer clerkship. You did well in your first year classes and now you’re eager to { Continue Reading } The post Emailing Your Professors for Help with Work-Related Projects: Proceed with Caution appeared first on…
This week we welcome guest writer Hillary Vaillancourt to talk about balancing a law career and a new baby. As a new attorney starting out, I had gone straight from undergrad to law school to private practice. I was in my early 20’s, single, and willing and eager to work as much as possible.  I happily put { Continue Reading } The post How To Practice Law As A New Mom appeared first on The Girl’s Guide
This week we welcome guest writer Emily Carter to talk about managing your kid’s remote schooling and your own law school responsibilities. As I type these very words, I am remote schooling my children. Now, rest assured, I say this with no pride, no smugness, not even a hair of belief that I am succeeding in this balancing act { Continue Reading } The post Juggling Kids in Remote School and Law School Life appeared first on The Girl’s
This week we welcome guest writer Paul Dumont to talk about lessons learned from coaching gymnastics and how those can apply to law school and the bar exam. From 1988 until 2016, for fun, income, and my own development, I devoted more than 10,000 hours to coaching boys in the Junior Olympic Competitive Program, primarily at Redwood Empire Gymnastics in { Continue Reading } The post Courage is Rehearsed: Managing Fear During Public Performances appeared first on The Girl’s Guide
This week we welcome back guest writer Christen Morgan to talk about how to manage a long-distance relationship in law school. Starting law school does not have to mean the definitive end of your relationship. It does not always mean making a choice between the one you love and the career you’re destined for, and it does not { Continue Reading } The post Navigating Law School and a Long-Distance Relationship appeared first on The Girl’s Guide to
This week we welcome guest writer Tina Arroyo to talk about her transition from law firm life to being a career clerk and why this career path works for her. After years of legal practice, like almost every woman I know in the legal profession, I found myself searching for that ever so elusive work-life balance. { Continue Reading } The post Alternative Careers: Career Clerkships appeared first on The Girl’s Guide to Law School®.…
This week we welcome back guest writer and 2L Tiffany Lo to talk about how to get feedback in law school. In law school, a final exam is often the sole determinant of a grade in a course. For many students, this is an uncomfortable shift from undergraduate classes in which there are multiple assessments, whether as { Continue Reading } The post 4 Ways to Seek Feedback in Law School appeared first on The Girl’s Guide
This week we welcome back guest writer Christen Morgan to talk about what antiracism means in the legal work environment. So you want to be an advocate for antiracism in the legal work environment? Follow these steps. Step 1: Read Take a moment to ask yourself what antiracism is. If the definition doesn’t immediately jump to mind, don’t feel { Continue Reading } The post Advocating for Antiracist Policies in the Legal Work Environment appeared first on The Girl’s
This week we welcome back guest writer Cathlyn Melvin to talk about her morning routine to get ready for law school. My earliest class this semester is 9am. Hallelujah. I like to have time to myself in the mornings: I’m happiest when I can accomplish a few things before I get started with my work or school obligations. { Continue Reading } The post My Law School Morning Routine appeared first on The Girl’s Guide to Law School®