2013 Legal Marketing Technology Conference West

The 2013 Legal Marketing Technology Conference West, which is the largest conference dedicated to legal marketing technologies, provides a unique opportunity to connect with decision-makers and implementers of technology. LXBN covered the event in shooting video interviews with speakers, sponsors and attendees.

Who better to help look back on all that was the 2013 Legal Marketing Technology Conference West than someone who played a huge role in putting it all together. Clare Ota, the conference’s Chair—and Marketing Coordinator at Murphy, Pearson, Bradley & Feeney—joins us to share her thoughts on how the event went and what stood out to her.  View Full Post
Legal billing was a very big topic of conversation during the 2013 Legal Marketing Technology Conference’s in-house counsel panel. Now, more than ever, in-house counsel want to be able to gauge—in real time—how much they’re spending on various legal matters. In speaking with LXBN TV, FlextronicsStephanie Corey explains these are the most important tech tools she uses. View Full Post
Steve Hennigs of SiteImprove lays out a big point when talking about how law firms should measure success on their websites: it’s different for everyone. In speaking with LXBN TV at the 2013 Legal Marketing Technology Conference West, he explains how he helps law firms identify theirs, and it starts with speaking internally about what the site is supposed to do and how people are being driven to the site.  View Full Post
Lawyers are constantly trying to figure out where exactly lawyers go for their news—and they’re now more than ever looking to be one of those go-to sources. In speaking with LXBN TV at the 2013 Legal Marketing Technology Conference West, FlexTronics Director of Legal Operations Stephanie Corey explains where she goes for trustworthy legal insight.  View Full Post
In speaking on the 2013 Legal Marketing Technology Conference West’s in-house counsel panel, Adobe Chief Privacy Officer MeMe Jacobs Rasmussen made it clear alternative fee arrangements were not just a discount in legal fees. That isn’t the point: it’s about cost predictability—and it’s something that she has to have. View Full Post
When professionals talk about content marketing and how that applies to law firms, they’re often describing how that can help bring in new work. But what’s often lost in the conversation is how content can be used to effectively educating existing clients to create a stronger and more useful relationship between law firm and client. View Full Post
When evaluating technology tools, the context in which they’re being used must always be considered. It isn’t always about the code or the optimizing, but instead how that fits into the overall goal of the site. In speaking to LXBN TV at the 2013 Legal Marketing Technology Conference, SiteImprove‘s Steve Hennigs said the first thing he and his company look at in evaluating a site is its overall goal—the product.  View Full Post