Right there with employment, privacy law stands as one of the most interesting and most-discussed areas of law during President Barack Obama’s first term in office. Though we saw a lot of action, not all of it is attributable to the President, and the same may hold true during Obama’s second term. View Full Post
2013 and Beyond:  The Wage & Hour Division in Obama's Second Term In the wake of last week’s re-election of President Obama and a Republican House majority, Americans are left with many questions:  What is this “fiscal cliff” I keep hearing about?  What are my responsibilities under Obamacare?  Is there really a possibility of comprehensive immigration reform? View Full Post
‘A Hypothetical Election Between Nationalists And Communists Hits The Chinese Web’: The Atlantic “You are pretending you are in New York, and we are pretending we are voting. Sigh! What a dream.” @I鸭梨山大 I have used the sub-title ‘A Hypothetical Election Between Nationalists And Communists Hits The Chinese Web’ because the title, ‘Electoral Map: What If China Became a Multiparty Democracy Tomorrow?’is a little misleading. View Full Post
Elections have consequences. What are the consequences of the 2012 election on U.S. federal privacy, data security and breach notice legislation? We outline some key developments in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate and explain how these developments might affect legislative priorities and prospects for the 113th Congress beginning in 2013. View Full Post
Obama Reelected:  The Department of Labor Wants to Know if You Are Taking Steps to Comply With Healthcare Reform With the reelection of President Obama, it is clear that employers should be preparing to comply with all of the applicable provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as amended by the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (the “Affordable Care Act”). View Full Post
What Did the 2012 Elections Mean for Privacy and Cybersecurity? The 2012 elections are over.  And it is time to assess the implications for privacy and cybersecurity in Washington and beyond. With the continuation of a divided government —  a Democrat in the White House, Republicans in control of the House, and Democrats in control of the Senate – for the next two years, many think the country in general is in for “more of the same” when it comes to politics, public policy and lawmaking. View Full Post
Barack Be Nimble: Go BIG and BOLD on Comprehensive Immigration Reform The caramelizing of the American electorate manifested itself last Tuesday in sweet, polychromatic splendor.  Clearly, American voters — especially the youth vote, and ethnic communities of Hispanic and Asian-Pacific origin — chose “leaders who are likely to welcome rather than reject our nation’s courageous and deserving immigrants.” View Full Post
There’s a reason Wall Street poured a truckload—maybe boatload? building-load?—of money into Governor Mitt Romney’s campaign for president: they really would’ve preferred to see Barack Obama moving out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue come January. Instead, they can expect more financial regulation, says Steven Berk of BerkLaw and The Corporate Observer. View Full Post