Legal Marketing Technology Conference West

In our interview at the Legal Marketing Technology Conference West, Greentarget Founding Partner John Corey made it clear: blogs “arrived some time ago,” but what’s amore interesting is to the level at which they’re trusted. Elaborating on his firm’s survey regarding in-house counsel social media use, Corey said that they read and trust blogs by practicing attorneys as much as they do those from the mainstream media. View Full Post
One session that’s always been a success at the Legal Marketing Technology Conference is the Next to Nothing Technology Shootout, where various experts offer their insight on cost-effective technology tools for lawyers. In our brief interview following that session, David Keller of Keller Business Development Advisory Group said that DropBox and Google Alerts are two excellent tools for lawyers—with the former being great for sending large files and collaboration while the latter is superb for staying current on specialized subjects.  View Full Post
While everyone here is playing something close to the same client development game in the legal world, has anyone ever thought of changing the rules entirely? In our conversation at the Legal Marketing Technology Conference West, Hewlett Packard Deputy General Counsel Gregg Melinson said any firm willing to completely alter their infrastructure and change the way law firms operate stands to see some serious gain.  View Full Post
What individuals often forget is that, in using social media for client development, it’s at its best when you combine it with offline measures as well. As Practice Boomers Founder David Ackert explains, lawyers aren’t doing nearly enough on LinkedIn, and if they combine efforts there with connecting offline, they could see a lot of success.  View Full Post